We’re looking to digitize our school records. Can Rocket help out?

Yes, you've come to the right place! Rocket is committed to helping you digitize any athletic, academic, or general school related records so that they can live on forever. We work hard to make the process as easy as possible.

Does it cost extra to have the software on multiple touchscreens?

Nope! As long as you have the screens, you can display our site on however many screens as you'd like. Most schools place a link on their websites to access the same content on the display from anywhere in the world.

Is the system easy to use?

Yes! We iterate weekly on how to make everything just work.

Zero technical abilities required.

"Wow, this is so easy that a drunk monkey could use it" - Existing customer

How do we edit/update the information on our site? Do we have to contact Rocket?

You may update your site at anytime without contacting Rocket. Simply login with your username and password (provided in an email) and begin to make changes.

Our content management system is tested on and used by individuals with all levels of technical knowledge from tech-savvy high schoolers to 90+ yr old grandparents in nursing homes. It is really easy to use.

Where is the information stored?

All of the information is securely stored on our Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers and backed up on a daily basis. We take pride in keeping your history safe.

Are there any additional fees?

No, and all updates are free of charge. We believe in making customers happy, and additional fees or costs for add-ons does not lead to happy customers.

Is Rocket ADA & WCAG compliant?

Yes, we are fully ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliant. We are proud to be the only Digital Wall of Fame provider to be fully WCAG2.1 Level AA compliant. As accessibility standards change, we continually update our platform to maintain accessibility compliance.

Digital Wall of Fame WCAG 2.1 AA Compliant

Do we have to upload every single entry manually?

No! You can use any existing spreadsheet to upload your information quickly. This is one of the many features we have to make everything just work. Our goal is always to make your life easy and make this process quick & streamlined.

Are there limits on how much can be uploaded?

No limits! We provide unlimited storage for images, videos, text descriptions, categories, entries, audio clips, PDF's, etc.

How often is the product updated?

Every day. We utilize the most cutting-edge technology which allows our platform to function like some of the largest platforms in the world (Google, Amazon, Instagram, Twitter). We fix reported bugs in a matter of hours and launch feature requests in a matter of days. This is a result of our unmatched engineering talent. All updates are geared towards improving the user experience and making our system easy to use. Join us for an exciting future!

What is required for this system to work?

All you need is a touch screen enabled display and an internet enabled computer to plug into it. The last step is to put the Rocket Alumni Solutions website in full-screen mode. From the very beginning our goal has been to make everything incredibly easy to use and just work.

Can we use the same website on multiple different touch screens? Does it cost extra?

You can use our software on however many touchscreens you'd like at no additional charge. It functions the exact same a normal website, where you can open it on an unlimited number of devices accessing the website independently at the same time.

Do you take custom feature requests from clients?

Yes - we love feature requests! We will ask you for ideas of how to improve our platform and then build everything you suggest. Some of your feature requests might even launch the same day that you request them. It is a truly fun & exciting collaborative experience to make you happy!

What if we can’t figure out how to use a feature?

We offer 24/7 support including live chat and call support. But remember, we strive to make this so easy so that you don’t ever have a question! Our #1 goal is that this is so easy to use that you become a very happy customer.

What is the typical response time from your support team?

Our average 24/7 live chat response time is 10 seconds. Additionally, you may call us at any time!

I am not tech savvy. How do I figure out how to do this?

Schedule a call with us and you will see how incredibly easy our system is to use. Additionally, we offer unlimited support to assist you until you feel confident in your ability to use our system on your own. Our team goes above and beyond to make customers happy - no matter the situation or circumstances.

Is there a limit of how many people can be onboarded?

We have no limits for anything! Unlimited support. Unlimited users. Unlimited onboarding sessions. Unlimited support calls.

Will you help our students figure out how to use this?

Yes! We love working with students. We can provide onboarding group calls to entire classes or individually connect with each student to ensure they know how to use the system as part of a class or senior project.

Can we cancel if we don't like it?

Yes, you may cancel anytime and export your data - although we are pretty sure you will be smiling ear to ear after trying our system :).

Does the product work on laptops or cell phones as well?

Yes. It is simply a website that goes in full-screen mode on the touchscreen, but is also accessible on any device that has internet.

What is the content management system?

This is how you update all information on the site. We have analyzed & research the good and bad parts of thousands of similar systems around the Internet to make something that is incredibly easy to use for even the least tech savvy individuals.

Trust us - you will love how easy it is. We also make it impossible to make anything look bad.

Do we have to crop our photos before we upload?

No! Our system will automatically crop and resize any types of images. Our layouts automatically adapt to look great no matter what you upload.

This ease of use will blow your mind as this technology truly makes things sooooo easy!

What if we can’t figure out how to use a feature?

We offer 24/7 support through live chat and phone/ video support. We also strive to make the product so easy to use so that you never have to call us.

We receive more calls letting us know that a customer has referred us to some of their friends than calls with questions - we would like to keep it that way.

Can anyone access the content management system for our site?

No, it’s password protected, but we can provide credentials to however many admins/interns/students as you'd like to manage the site.

We use industry standard security protocols to protect any bad actors from editing your site without permission.

Can we use our own hardware?

Yes, the Rocket website is simply put in full-screen kiosk mode. We also offer bundled packages.

Our bundled packages include Elo touch screen monitors. However, you may feel free to use any hardware you would like. The Rocket system is simply a website that is put into full screen mode. Thus, you can even test run a sample site on any existing hardware you have. Many schools also utilize iPads around the school or within museum locations.

Who is responsible for installing the hardware?

We recommend self-install by your facilities, IT, or custodial personnel. This is very manageable, like mounting a TV on the wall. To date, we have not had any school run into issues with the mounting or installation process.

Typical hardware considerations:
1. A power outlet will be needed to plug in hardware (Touchscreen TV, computer, etc)
2. Wired ethernet is recommended over WIFI (Fast WIFI will suffice if ethernet is not possible)